CryptoCitizen (QORPO) - OUTERLANDS - District 10 - Oil refinery


District 10 is at the outskirts and it’s the biggest, the most desolate of all places on Ether island.
Life just sucks in Outerlands. Those few unable losers that got stuck here toil in mines all their
lives. The money they get is just enough for them to survive on some disgusting synthetic food.
The mines are owned by Korpo syndicate. Primarily metals are extracted here and they are
processed in the factories of D7. Almost everyone hates it here and they will do all they can to
raise their ranking and get away from this scorching desolate hell. And to do that you simply
have to cheat, bullshit, abuse and kill, if needs be.

Outerlands used to be a traveling hub, a place where all the airplanes from Terra would land
and bring the first wave of people who settled Ether Island, and later those who had listened to
the promises of their propaganda. But also those who remembered why Ether Island came to
be in the first place, and that just couldn’t stand the peace and regulations of Terra. Then the
island was hidden, so the airport was of no use any more. Except for the runway, where now
mad drag races take place. There is a community of thugs around those races, and they
scavenge for what is left of old airplanes, that are all left here to rust. They build old-school
combustion engines and use fuel made in old oil refineries that are still in place here as well.
It’s a hell lot of fun. Especially when they play chicken.

Drag races are not the only fun in Outerlands though. There’s a pass in the mountains to the
north bordering New Vegas and high ranking citizens come through, when they get bored of
all that fake glitter and sensory pleasures of New Vegas… They’d built a ring here and come
with their nice cars and race, mad wasted on drugs and alcohol, wreaking havoc on the
people living here. It’s also a good place to get rid of bodies no one ever needs to find