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CryptoCitizen (QORPO) - THE SHILLS - District 4



This is where the dream promised starts looking real. Here you can actually live a life. There
are no houses but many apartment blocks, shopping centers and a university, school and
sporting facilities, gardens and parks, restaurants and bars, offices… They are all equipped
with very good technology, but not the top notch for sure. People here work mainly in offices
doing administrative jobs or work as engineers in research centers on multiple projects to
develop new technologies. Seems like a normal world, almost like the one many people left
behind when they left the old world. But there’s something odd here, and you can just feel it.

Apart from the fact that this world is full of cyborgs, and many people here still prefer virtual
reality experiences to the real ones. The place is covered with holographic temptations - it is a
perfect place to sell the vision of the dream that lies even further beyond. Still.. Everyone here is
mad chasing a concept, a vision, seemingly right at their fingertips, but elusive and
unreachable like a rich and beautiful girl, knowing her game all too well. Because the goal is
not to let more people into the upper three districts. That has always been a goal and it will
stay like that.

Final Concept Illustration

Final Concept Illustration